Our Objective

To build a trustworthy borderless system for the benefit of the global households to buy the TROT Products with the assurance of availability the assets, goods, and services in the future at their hedged prices with an option to exit with liquidity at good returns as a sustainable business with global reach.

How do we achieve it?

The payments to buy the TROT Products units are credited to a Corpus Fund Escrow bank account. Payments out of it are permitted only for declared and vetted purposes.

TROT Product terms provide for payment of Recall compensation as the return of your investment with a minimum assured returns in case of default. Many crosschecks are built in to ensure its payment.

A network of reputed professionals as the Service Providers encompassing every domain and region for legal and financial vetting of the projects. TROT AI system updates their rating based on the performance of the vetted projects for allocation of the future projects for vetting.

TROT Exchange Associate licenses are offered without any fee or deposit to those with the TROT Product knowledge having earmarked funds in their own Corpus Fund Escrow Bank Accounts. It is to be used to meet their TROT Market Makers obligations as ready buyers of the TROT Products. The licensed TROT Exchanges assure perpetuity.

One can complain online to the former judicial persons appointed as TROT Ombudsmen to decide on the dispute and claims.

It is a system-driven exchange with many cross-checks for validations to safeguard your investment.

Transparency & Security

Blockchain technology is used for secured dealings in the verified units the TROT Products. The system is availed from a well-established company as our associate with a provision for the knowledge and data transfer in case of existential issues, thus, guaranteeing lifetime support.

Every contract is standardized to protect your interest. They are executed online with confirmed electronic signatures and deposited in the Digital Locker.

Our policies, audit reports, contacts, and project vetting reports can be viewed on the portal subject to the privacy laws of the country, thus, assuring transparency.

Decentralized Management

IRG Management endeavors to achieve maximum automation of the TROT Exchange operations.

The TROT Products, TROT Exchange, and the TROT system with the in-built crosschecks are well defined in the treatise titled ‘TROT Exchange – Redefining the World of Finance’. Mr. Rohit Tidke, its author, has assigned the IPRs of the TROT Products and system to IRG, to establish the exchange.

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is to advise the promoters on the policy and the major operational issues. Its advice is binding on the management. It may ask the Committee to re-evaluate it or ask the Ombudsman to judge and issue orders accordingly.

It is made of the noted domain experts. They are individually insulated from any liability for their collective decisions to ensure prudent, diligent advice. Detailed procedures to conduct the meeting, framing the agenda, decision making, and record keeping are well defined. Change in the terms of appointment, remuneration, and removal is subject to the order of the Ombudsman.

About Us

TROT Exchange is owned by Kialekt UG, a company registered in Germany, promoted by Mr. Rohit Tidke. The company has licensed Intech Research Group (IRG) to establish the exchange.

Mr. Rohit Tidke, a software engineer by profession, has a deep interest in the networked businesses and finance. He earned his graduation in Automation & Controls from Moscow Aviation Institute and Master’s in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. His dedicated study covering various industries, service and trade sectors operating in the different business environments helped him design the system requirements while accessing the risks to incorporate appropriate safety measures to protect the interest of the household retail investors.

Jayant Tidke, spearheads Intech Research Group as its CEO responsible for establishing the network of the different categories of its participants in India. He is assisted by a professional team of executives.

Mr. Jayant Tidke, B. Com., LL. B., C.A., has 40 years experience of working as a project finance consultant to various projects in the field of agriculture, textile, fashion, automobile, engineering, transport, tourism, entertainment, shipping, ports, and many others. He has traveled to many countries for project consultancy assignments. He has in-depth knowledge of the functioning of the various industries and their finances. Academically, he earned 1st rank in his graduation from Pune University and cleared Chartered Accountancy with 37th all-India rank. He completed his LL.B. with honors from Mumbai University. His exposure to various industries is an asset for the TROT Exchange.

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