TROT Gold Denominated Product
It is a tradable right to claim 24-carat gold at a price in US$ quoted on the London Metal Exchange as the previous day’s closing price.
Yes. Every unit has a distinct identity code generated by Blockchain technology
Yes. It is a perfectly legally compliant product. You may contact us to know the legal status as per the laws of your country.

Yes. It is a class of a product with all the units as standard units; its value is expressed as a quantity of 24-carat gold – a universally accepted asset valued at a standard price.

The variations in the price in the local currency will be generally limited to accommodate the local duties and taxes.

No. All T-GDP units are backed by value and the rights to claim the gold or its value are legally enforceable. Just because it is being backed by Blockchain technology does not make it a cryptocurrency.

No. The TROT Gold System for the Benchmark value determination provides for sustained value additions and irons out the bullion market or the stock market or a currency exchange rate swings.

No. T-GDP units are issued by IRG, the promoter of TROT Gold to the person agreeing to back it by his gold deposit (the Gold Depositor) and the Corpus Fund for its resale at its Benchmark Price.

The units are generated by IRG and value-added by Gold Monetizing by you. You have no ownership rights over the Corpus Fund representing its value.

The income earned from the corpus funds is aggregated to issue Bonus T-GDP units.

A number of the bonus units are allotted to you in proportion to the T-GDP unit held by you.

You may sell the units to encash the bonus or may hold it as your additional investment.

The tax provisions are different for the different countries. Please Contact us to know the tax applicability as per the tax laws of your country.

As per the tax laws of many countries, mere allotment of the Bonus Units does not attract any tax liability. The tax is required to be paid on the sale of the units i.e. only when you realize your profit.

No. It is not a ‘Goods” or a “Service” or an “Asset”. It is only an undertaking or promise that can be legally enforced. Most of the countries do not provide for VAT or GST on selling “Undertaking” or “Promise” as an actionable claim till it is either redeemed or legally enforced.

Please Contact Us to know the applicability of GST or VAT as per the laws of your country.

The applicability depends on “where the sale has taken place”. The laws for online selling are different for different countries.

  • TROT Gold portal informs you of the quantity of 24-carat gold you can claim
  • Visit any enlisted Gold Shop and claim your gold.
  • Offer to sell the number of the units to the gold shop as you desire. The Gold Shop owner will buy them at its Benchmark price.
  • Subject to your location, you may ask any enlisted shop for home delivery of your gold. The delivery charges are to be paid by you.

It’s the value of T-GDP units derived by dividing the aggregated CF value and the gold deposits by the aggregated number of the units issued and unredeemed as on a date.

Yes. The local duties and taxes and an additional 3% of the LME value of the gold towards the delivery logistics costs and the gold dealer’s commission are required to be paid in the local currency by you. You may sell additional T-TDPs pay for the same.

Simple steps.

  • Just Register with us and log-in to T-DGPs Portal and select “Buy T-GDPs” from the menu.
  • Enter the number of units you want to buy. Accept any of the offers for the sale.
  • Backed by Blockchain technology, the T-GDP system will verify the ownership and genuineness of the T-GDP units for you. On its confirmation, you pay the consideration.
  • Pay the value by credit/Debit card, bank account transfer, or even by cheque if the buyer accepts it.

Your units are transferred in your name in your wallet on confirmation of the receipt of the payment. The seller cannot refuse to deliver.

You earn the Bonus T-GDP units. You may sell then or retain to earn bonuses on the units you are holding including the earlier bonus units.

You may swap your T-GDP units for any TROT Products to avail the goods, asset or services offered at a low pre-fixed rates on the TROT terms.

The risk is next to zero. See Why no Risk?

The value represented by your T-GDP units is managed by an A+ rated bank with clearly defined Escrow terms. You may contact us to get a copy of the standard escrow terms.

Yes. You may buy it from any person at any price.

However, the transaction will have to be recorded as zero value transaction on T-GDP Portal to register your ownership of the T-GDP units

TROT Market Maker support as ready buyers at the benchmark price is available.

Additionally, a small part of the Corpus Fund of the seller of the units is earmarked to provide the Market Maker support.

Yes. TROT Gold portal provides for the gift or donation of the units. Just select the menu item and enter the details of the units to be gifted and select the receiver. This is a zero-value transaction accordingly updated on the Blockchain platform and recorded through TROT Gold Portal.

TROT Gold portal provides for the nomination facility. You may also change the nominee at any time.

TROT Gold System provides for a detailed protocol to ascertain the identity of the owner in such cases.

In case of the demise of the owner, the wallet/account can be transferred in the name of the nominee or the legal heir. A detailed protocol is provided for verification of the rightful claimant.

TROT System will automatically generate confirmation requests in case of the account remaining dormant for more than one year.

You share the returns on the investment earned on the monthly basis. Additionally, you receive Bonus T-GDP units. You may sell them on Exit.

No. It remains in the same form and design in your own possession.

Just register with us to buy your personal locker and call the Gold Shop executive to certify the gold deposit. TROT Gold system will set the OTP protocol.

Confirm and Smart Contract terms to buy T-GDP units and you are ready to offer them for its resale.

Our Market Makers support as the ready buyers are available. Contact us for assistance

Any time at your will. See Exit.

Minimum quantity is 50 gram equivalent of 24-carat gold as very small quantities make it economically unviable.

The maximum limit for the deposit in the home personal locker is one kg. due to the physical security considerations. The maximum limit will be increased on the depositary company tie-ups are finalized.

You may buy any locker model of any company enlisted on the TROT Gold Portal.

The lockers of the different companies offering their lockers with acceptable strength and security and have provided the remote access control protocol as required by the TROT Gold system are enlisted on the TROT Gold Portal.

  • Value of the gold is considered as equivalent to 24-carat purity gold to be valued at its last closing day’s London Metal Exchange rate expressed in US$.
  • One TDP represents 1/100th gram of 24-carat gold i.e. that can be claimed on its surrender.
  • You are allotted ten times (10X) of the number of the T-GDP units represented by your gold deposit
  • You sell 9X of the units and retain the rest 10% in your name and are not be sold till the earlier sold units are all redeemed or bought back and canceled.

No. The sale proceeds are directly credited to a Corpus Fund escrow Bank account to be opened by you. The proceeds are to be invested as per the Investment portfolios to be provided by TROT Gold from time to time.

The proceeds on the resale of T-GDP units are directly credited to a Corpus Fund Account as an escrow account to be opened by the Gold Depositor.

He holds it in trust for IRG (the promoter of TROT Gold) with an express objective of the fulfillment of the undertaking as a term of its sale provided to the T-GDP holders.

The Corpus Fund is managed on the arms-length principle governed by the Escrow terms.

  • It is invested by the A+ rated bank holding the Corpus Fund Account directly or through its Investment Banking division.
  • The Gold Depositor is designated as an advisor for the investment. The bank may refuse to accept the advice with reasons in writing to be notified.

It depends on the tax laws of the respective countries. You may be assessed for the income as a Representative Assess for the Corpus Fund held in trust for the benefit of the holders of the T-GDP units sold by you. Contact us for details.

A Smart Agreement is entered into between the Bank, the Gold depositor, and the TROT Gold The agreement lays down the terms for the investment of the Corpus Fund and its utilization.


  • The terms would be modified ONLY on the order of a competent court.
  • In case the escrow terms cannot be enforced in a country for any reason, the account will be transferred to another country on the orders of the Ombudsman.

Yes. The Gold Depositor may exit and ask the bank to liquidate all the investments to buy back for him the no. of the T-GDP units represented by or pertaining to the Corpus Fund Account and cancel the same.

The balance is paid to the Gold depositor as consideration for the T-GDP units held by him and now canceled.

Yes. The Corpus Account can be closed in case the bank desires so or the Gold Depositors wishes to change the bank or as may be required for any exigency.

The bank account balance will be transferred to the new Corpus Fund Account and the investment held in the d-mat account of the Gold Depositor will be managed by the new bank.

The Gold Depositor may offer to merge it to any other Corpus Fund Account

The Corpus Fund investments are liquidated and utilized for purchase of the equal number of the standard T-GDP units matching those pertaining to the units sold by the Gold Depositor, including the bonus units allotted from time to time. Balance, if any, is paid to the Gold depositor towards buy-back and cancellation of the units held in his name. The shortfall, if any, is to be covered under the CGL insurance.