• Share in the Corpus Fund income earned
  • 10% of Corpus Fund Revenue Streams for you
Your Corpus Fund Revenue Streams
TROT Products
  • Trading margins
  • Recall compensation
  • Market Maker margins for supporting new issues,
  • Advertisement revenue share earned from TROT Exchange and the other portals
FDs and Bonds
  • Interests and trading margins earned
Stocks & equity in the start-ups
  • Dividends, trading margins
  • Profit on liquidation of the investments
The balance revenue added to the Corpus Fund for re-investment
Bonus T-GDP units
  • Bonus T-GDP units are generated out of the aggregated value additions of the Corpus Funds
  • Your earn bonus on the T-GDP units held in your name
  • Additional Bonus Units for the better performing Corpus Funds

Your Earnings
10% – 12% of your gold value in INR
5% – 6% of your gold value in Euro
Ask for any other currency
And, next to zero risk!

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