How gold rates affect your
TROT Gold claim?
How much gold you can buy
On changes in the LME or Mumbai Gold rate
Effect on your Gold Entitlement
Change in gold LME price in US$ T-GDP investor’s ROI in LME gold g T-GDP holder’s ROI in INR T-GDP holder’s ROI in US$ ROI for the Gold Owner in INR
10% -2.00% 11.90% 7.80% 10.50%
5% 2.20% 11.40% 7.30% 9.90%
0% 6.90% 11.00% 6.90% 9.50%
-10% 18.20% 10.40% 6.40% 9.00%

LME Price = Gold price quoted on London Metal Exchange. Local gold rates vary based on the duty, local taxes, delivery costs, exchange rate, and gold trader margins. The additional cost is about 15% in Mumbai as compared to LME gold rates. It is to be paid additionally in the local currency.