For your safety

Corpus Fund Escrow Account
  • A well-defined Escrow Bank Account
  • Managed by A+ rated banks
  • Well defined Country Specific Investment Portfolio
  • Open Policies
Corpus Fund Escrow
Blockchain platform
Highest safety for your
To be Opened by the Gold Owner selling G-TDPs
To be Opened by the Gold Owner selling G-TDPs
  • Escrow terms – Well defined, open for public view
  • All T-GDP unit sale proceeds, Interests, dividends, Investment sell-proceeds, the Market Maker revenue collected in the account
Utilization strictly for
Utilization strictly for
  • Investments as per well-defined portfolio norms
  • Payouts for the transaction charges, bank charges, and pre-defined Gold Owner’s share in the revenue
  • Payments against surrender and cancellation of T-GDP units
Account closure on Recall
Account closure on Recall
  • Investments liquidated by the bank or its AMC and used for buying equivalent number of the standard T-GDP units for cancellation

Corpus Fund linked settlement mechanism gives an option to
settle the surrender claims in the local currency
or to swap with any other TROT products
Overcoming the exchange blues