A globally tradable standard
unit; value expressed in
terms of 24-carat gold at
LME price
A legally enforceable right
to claim its value in gold or
its equivalent value in your
local currency

How much gold you can claim?

Value of your T-GDP Units
Value of your T-GDP Units

T-GDP units are universally valued averaging the performance of each of the Corpus Fund investments. The value as its Benchmark Price is daily computed, consolidated and displayed on the TROT Exchange portal.

Claim Your Gold
Claim your gold

The gold you can claim is the grams of 24-carat gold you can buy at its London Metal Exchange last closing rate converted in the local currency.

Additional Payouts
Additional Payouts

You need to pay the duties, local taxes, delivery costs as displayed on TROT Gold portal for the different countries from time to time.

Claim Gold without Payouts
Claim Gold without Payouts

You may claim the gold quantity adjusted for the duties, taxes, and costs above. You need not make the additional payment.

How to collect your gold?
How to collect your gold?

Visit any enlisted Gold Shop near you to claim your gold or just sell your TGDP units to get your bank account credited

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