Shareholders Questions Answered

Shareholders Questions Answered

Shareholder FAQ

Shareholder FAQ2019-02-27T12:11:27+00:00
Do I need to sell all my produce on the TROT terms?2021-11-03T10:09:47+00:00

No. Only 30% to 40% of the quantity your farm has produced.

You are free to sell the produce in the market to any party at any price after meeting the orders for selling on the TROT terms.

If no yield for any reason, there is no obligation to sell on the TROT terms.

What happens if the e-com platform ceases to exist?2021-11-03T11:00:22+00:00

Very unlikely

We have entered into a long term maintenance contract with a globally reputed IT company to ensure its long term existence and functionality

Even otherwise:

Every TROT transaction will be evidenced by a TROT Transaction Confirmation Note

It will be conclusive evidence of the transaction and will be binding on the developer and all the parties concerned

You are advised to save every TROT Transaction or take its print-out and preserve it

The developers will be under contractual obligation to honor their obligations even in absence of TROT e-Trade Platform
TROT Transaction Note shall be accepted as conclusive evidence by the developer

However, it may affect you as to its tradability and payment gateway functioning would be curtailed

How secured is your e-com platform?2021-11-03T11:00:15+00:00

Maximum efforts have been taken to offer you a dependable TROT e-Trade Platform

It will be our continuous efforts to maintain a hacking free, bug-free system with constant updates

Regular system audit will be conducted and its report displayed on the web site of TROT Realty

Can I depend on the project details provided by you?2021-11-03T11:00:05+00:00

TROT Realty has elaborate system to verify the project details

Every project offering its TROT products is subject to

  • Legal due diligence by top law firm/s
  • Certification of the saleable built-up areas by a reputed Architect firm
  • Verification and certification of availability of the required realty project approvals
  • Project rating by a reputed accreted rating agency
  • Financial due diligence by a reputed firm of Chartered Accountants
  • Certification of the present market rates of the properties offered for sale under TROT terms by a globally reputed Realty market Consultancy company
  • Fair estimation of the future rates of the properties covered under the TROT terms by the same Realty market Consultancy company
How transparent are your transactions?2021-11-03T10:59:59+00:00

TROT Realty operations are totally transparent

Every computation and business rule is displayed with great details

Any concerned parson can verify the computations and the information provided

The system provides for dependable audit trail and no transaction can be deleted or edited by any user, including TROT Realty without track

All transaction data and the system details are automatically saved through a data vault system

Is TROT Realty an ‘Exchange’?2021-11-03T10:59:50+00:00


TROT product is not a ‘security’

TROT e-Trade platform does not “assist” TROT product holders in concluding any trade
It merely provide a platform to execute any TROT Transaction and functions as a record keeper for and on behalf of the developers

It is not in any way assist in execution as a party to any TROT transaction

No payment guarantees are provided

It is simply an e-commerce service offered for a charge or free of charge to TROT product holders just like any other e-commerce platform offered by many companies in the world today

Is TROT Realty a Realty Fund?2021-11-03T10:59:42+00:00


It does not collect any deposit or contribution from any person for investment in any realty project directly or on behalf of any person

Is TROT Realty a ‘settlement corporation’?2021-11-03T10:59:04+00:00


It does not function as a ‘Clearance House’ for settlement of claims between different parties

Any registered customer can buy or sale TROT products directly and no agent or broker is involved in the transaction

It is simply a trade transaction between two parties

TROT Realty has worked out a tie-up with a reputed payment gateway to ensure direct payment to the respective parties

It does not collect any amount from any agent or any customer for settlement

It is an approved scheme?2021-11-03T10:58:57+00:00

TROT Realty does not offer any scheme for investment

It only provides an e-com platform trading in TROT products sold by realty developers

Is TROT Realty a MLM (Multi-Layered-Marketing network)?2021-11-03T10:58:45+00:00


It is simply an e-com service provider for TROT products

It does not have any multi-layered agent network

It does not collect any deposit or sale any products to its agents

Its agents do not sale any TROT products but only provide advice to you as and when you require free of any charge

Is TROT Realty a Chit Fund?2021-11-03T10:58:36+00:00


It is not a Chit Fund

TROT Realty does not accept any deposit or collect any money on any account for investment

What is TROT Realty?2021-11-03T10:58:28+00:00

TROT Realty is a provider of an e-trading platform for execution of any transaction relating to any TROT products

When can I exit?2021-11-03T10:38:41+00:00

Any time at your will.

How do I exit?2021-11-03T10:38:30+00:00

Not supporting as a ready buyer for the units of the TROT Products offered for the sale will automatically end your registration as the TROT Market Maker.

Do I need to invest through you?2021-11-03T10:38:22+00:00

You buy the TROT products directly from any TROT Exchange in your own name.

We’ll keep you informed of the new issues on offer.

Your money; your decision – Whether to buy and how many units to buy TROT Market Maker AI App to help you decide. Use it or leave it.

Do I need to pay any deposit or fees?2021-11-03T10:38:13+00:00

No deposit and no fees is to be paid for your registration as TROT Market Maker.

Who can become a TROT Market Maker?2021-11-03T10:38:04+00:00

Anyone from any country willing to invest the equivalent of $10,000 or more in TROT Products can register as TROT Market Maker.

The money remains with you for its investment in the different TROT Products as you wish.

What are the earnings of TROT Market Makers?2021-11-03T10:37:38+00:00

You can earn 1% to 3% every time you roll (Buy and resale) your investment in the new issue of TROT products Additionally, you earn a share in the advertisement revenue earned from the TROT Exchange e-platform Your annual returns on your investment would range between 18% to 39% depending on your investment

Visit to learn more: TROT Market Makers

What is TROT Market Maker?2021-11-03T10:37:26+00:00
  • He offers to buy the units of TROT Products issued by any company (Its issuer) at a discount.
    He may not place the offer for any issue. It’s optional.
  • TROT Market Maker offers to buy the units of TROT Products offered by its holders on the TROT Exchange platform at their benchmark prices.
    He holds the stock till it is resold.


How secured is my investment?2021-11-03T10:40:59+00:00

TROT Products are ideal DeFi products converted into NFTs for global trading through the decentralized Blockchain network and serviced by the licensed TROT Exchange platforms worldwide.

It assures total safety to your investment against fraud.

View ‘TROT Safety‘ to know how your investment in its value is well protected

How do I sell my TROT Products?2021-11-03T10:40:24+00:00
  • Sell them online from anywhere and get credit to your account instantly.
  • You may nominate any other bank account subject to your confirmation.
  • Ready buyer support from the Market Makers
  • We are endeavoring to establish TROT ATMs to meet your urgent cash needs arising anywhere in the local
What are the benefits of investing the TROT Agro Products?2021-11-03T10:40:19+00:00

You can buy the agro produce at a pre-fixed price any time in the future.

An ideal investment avenue – good returns, high safety, ready liquidity

Visit: TROT Benefits for more details

How do I buy units of the TROT Product?2021-11-03T10:39:51+00:00

Very easy.

  • Register with us with your email ID or mobile
  • Download TROT Products App
  • Select the product, number of the units you want to buy
  • Chose your payment method and pay

View How to buy TROT Products on YouTube

Can I cancel my order?2021-11-03T10:27:46+00:00


You can cancel your order at any time. No charge.

You may opt for a refund or buy something else.

What is the dependability of the timely deliveries?2021-11-03T10:27:36+00:00

We endeavor to deliver in time.

In case of unavoidable disruption, our franchisee will buy it from the market to deliver at cost.

Can I buy on spot in any quantity?2021-11-03T10:27:27+00:00


You may need some items urgently. Our franchisee will deliver.

Do I get credit?2021-11-03T10:27:18+00:00

If you are holding ANY TROT products, you get one month’s credit of the same value.

You pay without interest on the credit additionally within a grace period of 8-10 days.

How do I pay?2021-11-03T10:27:08+00:00

Pay online or by card or pay cash to our franchisee

What is the quality guarantee?2021-11-03T10:26:47+00:00

KIAF provides farm fresh with quality assurance.

You can view and select your produce online! Next day morning home delivery!

‘No question asked return’ policy

Do I have to be holding TROT Products?2021-11-03T10:26:34+00:00

No. You may not hold a single TROT Agro and any other TROT Product.

You can buy any KIAF products and also avail services of our franchisee.

Can I buy without TROT terms?2021-11-03T10:26:25+00:00

Yes. Your option.

You may buy some items on TROT terms and some without.

How do I buy on the TROT terms?2021-11-03T10:26:19+00:00

Just download the TROT App. Our franchisee will help you register the details if required.

Tap/click on the cart icon and proceed to buy

TROT System will ask you to confirm with details of the TROT Agro units and their value to be redeemed

It’ll also show the saving you have made by buying the TROT terms

Confirm and proceed to pay the pre-fixed price. See the illustration

What goods are supplied by KIAF?2021-11-03T10:26:12+00:00

Farm fresh vegetables, fruits, and food products

Our franchisee will be there to provide any household items you need.

Who can join KIAF Supply Chain?2021-11-03T10:23:22+00:00

Any individual/firm/co./co-op society/institution/agency, providing:

  • Farm input – goods or services including the lab and certification agencies
  • Agro Consultants including universities
  • Logistics firms – warehousing, transportation
  • Farm and its logistics-related equipment leasing companies
How much do I have to pay for joining KIAF Supply chain?2021-11-03T10:22:40+00:00

Nothing, there is no deposit or registration fee to join it.

What are my benefits for joining the KIAF Supply Chain?2021-11-03T10:22:33+00:00
  • You may sell your own TROT Agro Products to mobilize debt-free long term funding for your expansion/modernization projects, working capital, or even for repayment of existing loans
  • Capital customer base covering 30,000+ acre farms and the other supply chain participants
  • Access to 1,500+ KIAF Franchisee network in Mumbai and Pune
What is KIAF Supply Chain?2021-11-03T10:22:05+00:00

It’s a network of farmers and other parties supplying goods and services to directly sell the goods to urban households through KIAF franchisees. See ‘KIAF Project Theme’.

The network is established with the help of TROT Agro products as a binding factor.

Can I assign the KIAF Franchisee business?2021-10-25T17:37:35+00:00

No. However, KIAF will consider your recommendation in the appointment of a franchisee in your place if you desire to exit for better prospects.

Can I exit?2021-10-25T17:36:34+00:00

Yes. You can surrender the KIAF Franchisee at any time. No penalties or claims for the surrender.

Simply inform us and return the stocks.

If you have availed KIAF funding, you will need to return it without interest.

How do I become KIAF Franchisee?2021-10-25T17:35:34+00:00

Please fill up the KIAF Franchisee Registration Form indicating the city area for your franchisee operations.

Appointment of the franchisees will be at the sole discretion of KIAF management.

Are there any area restrictions?2021-10-25T17:34:15+00:00


A KIAF Franchisee will be allotted an area within a city for enlisting the households as your customers.

It is required to avoid a clash with other franchisees operating in the same city.

However, the franchisees will be functioning as a network sharing revenue wherever required.

Do I have to sell only on TROT terms?2021-10-25T17:33:24+00:00


You may book the sales on other than TROT terms to any person within your area of operations.

The terms of the sale including the price will be provided by KIAF.

Who can become KIAF Franchisee?2021-10-25T17:32:36+00:00

Any person with the flare of marketing and having an interest in learning. We are looking for young entrepreneurs preferably MBAs interesting in self-employment.

Can I sell to other than the households?2021-10-25T17:31:20+00:00

Yes. You may sell to the hotels, restaurants, company canteens, educational institute canteens, food companies, and any other bulk consumers irrespective of its location but within the deliverable area for KIAF.

Do I have to pay GST on the sale?2021-10-25T17:29:55+00:00

No. The sales are accounted for by the farmers.

Do I have to buy and hold the stocks?2021-10-25T17:28:51+00:00


The farmers will be selling it directly to the households and others.

What are my growth possibilities?2021-10-25T17:26:56+00:00

You will be part of TROTX family offering vast opportunities through its various TROT Products covering a major part of the global economy.

How much will I earn?2021-10-25T17:24:51+00:00

Your gross earning as franchisee agency commission on the sales can be estimated at an average of Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,500 per month per household serviced by you depending on their income strata.

Do I have to pay you any deposit or royalty?2021-10-25T17:22:54+00:00


You do not pay any deposit or registration fee or royalty.

How my investment in the KIAF franchisee business can be funded?2021-10-25T17:21:49+00:00

We can help you avail of a loan from the banks under the Govt. schemes and claim the capital subsidies if eligible.

KIAF also provides interest-free quasi-equity funding up to Rs. 1 lakh as its contribution.

What is my investment?2021-10-25T17:19:58+00:00

Major investment is in the delivery van and the initial promotional expenses There is no investment in stocks or deposits.

What am I to do as KIAF franchisee?2021-10-25T17:16:40+00:00
  • Enlist the maximum number of the households as customers on the KIAF e-platform
  • You are to promote sales of the KIAF farms’ produce
  • You are to provide logistics to collect the goods from the hubs near the city and deliver it to the households in your area as per their orders
  • Provide customer service support
  • Promoter TROT product offers to the households
Am I free to sell my farm land?2021-11-03T10:12:20+00:00

Yes. The buyer needs to agree to sell the balance quantity of the produce on the TROT terms.

Alternatively, you may buy back the balance TROT Agro units earlier sold by you and cancel them. You do not have to sell anymore on the TROT terms.

Can I put the names of my family members on 7/12 Extract?2021-11-03T10:12:15+00:00

Yes. The members are to agree to the TROT terms and conditions for selling the produce in the future on the TROT terms.

What if I cannot pay the compensation?2021-11-03T10:15:10+00:00
  • If your farm is damaged and cannot be restored to make cultivable again, you need not pay the compensation. KIAF may insure such losses or share the loss with the balance unit holders.
  • If the payment is refused for any other reason, you shall be required to assign management of the farm to a third party.
    The farm is returned to you after all the TROT Agro units to be sold to pay the compensation are redeemed on the future sales of the produce on the TROT terms.
Can I refuse to sell my produce on TROT terms?2021-11-03T10:11:29+00:00

When the quantity of the produces agreed to be sold on TROT terms is completed by selling on the TROT terms, all your obligations under the TROT terms end. No money to be returned. It may take 8 years or even 12 years to sell the total quantity depending on the orders from the households.

When will by obligation ends?2021-11-03T10:10:51+00:00

When the quantity of the produces agreed to be sold on TROT terms is completed by selling on the TROT terms, all your obligations under the TROT terms end. No money to be returned. It may take 8 years or even 12 years to sell the total quantity depending on the orders from the households.

My existing produce can be sold?2021-11-03T10:10:44+00:00

Yes. You may start selling it on the KIAF platform.

Why are you giving free funding?2021-11-03T10:05:09+00:00

It is not free. The payment is made as an advance against the sale of your farm produce at pre-fixed rates to be sold over a period in the future. The sale is called selling on the TROT terms.

Who gives the money?2021-11-03T10:05:26+00:00

The amount is paid out of the sale of the TROT Agro units as the options to buy your produce on the TROT terms.

How much money I’ll get?2021-11-03T10:05:50+00:00

It is linked to the part (as %) of the produce you agree to sell on the TROT terms. At 40%, it would be about 250% of the present farm gate sale value of the produce.

What is your benefit?2021-11-03T10:06:00+00:00

We collect our fees and the costs as ‘Enlisting fee’ out of the proceeds of the sale of the TROT Agro units.

Is there any charge on my farmland?2021-11-03T10:06:07+00:00


Do I have to pay interest?2021-11-03T10:06:26+00:00


How do I return the money?2021-11-03T10:06:34+00:00

Your TROT Agro units get cancelled every time you sell on the TROT terms.

No separate payment is to be made.

There is no fixed schedule to sell the produce. You sell it against the orders placed with you.

Can I sell my TROT Agro units directly to any person?2021-11-03T10:06:43+00:00

No. Mr. Tidke holds the Intellectual Property Rights for the TROT Products. It cannot be generated and sold without
a license from him. It would be a criminal offence and such units cannot be traded online.

Whom do I sell on TROT terms?2021-11-03T10:08:51+00:00

Mostly, to the households in Mumbai and Pune.

You would be selling the produce directly to the households against their orders booked on the TROT e-trading platform.

KIAF Supply chain assures its collection from your farm and its delivery to the homes.

Do I sell through a middleman?2021-11-03T10:08:59+00:00

No. It is a direct sale by you to the household. The money is credited to your bank account. There are no middlemen.

Do I have to cultivate the crops as per your demand?2021-11-03T10:10:11+00:00

No. After meeting the orders for the sale on the TROT terms, you are free to sell the stocks to anyone at any price.

You need not keep any stock aside waiting for the orders for selling it on the TROT terms.

Do I have to keep the produce aside for its sale on TROT terms?2021-11-03T10:10:16+00:00

No. After meeting the orders for the sale on the TROT terms, you are free to sell the stocks to anyone at any price.

You need not keep any stock aside waiting for the orders for selling it on the TROT terms.

What if I have no stock to sell?2021-11-03T10:15:45+00:00

There is no obligation to sell on TROT terms if:

  • When you have already met the obligations for the season to sell on the TROT terms
  • If there is a crop failure for any reason and the farm yield is less than 40% of the normally expected yield.
Where do I deliver my produce sold on the TROT terms?2021-11-03T10:10:26+00:00

KIAF Supply Chain arrangement assures its collection from your farm-gate.

Do I have to use only enlisted transporters, warehouses…?2021-11-03T10:10:34+00:00

No. You may engage any services of your choice.

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