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Do I need to invest through you?

No. You buy the TROT products directly from any TROT Exchange in your own name. We’ll keep you informed of the new issues on offer. Your money; your decision – Whether to buy and how many units to buy TROT Market Maker AI App to help you decide. Use it or leave it.

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What are the earnings of TROT Market Makers?

You can earn 1% to 3% every time you roll (Buy and resale) your investment in the new issue of TROT products Additionally, you earn a share in the advertisement revenue earned from the TROT Exchange e-platform Your annual returns on your investment would range between 18% to 39% depending on your investment Visit to

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What is TROT Market Maker?

He offers to buy the units of TROT Products issued by any company (Its issuer) at a discount. He may not place the offer for any issue. It’s optional. TROT Market Maker offers to buy the units of TROT Products offered by its holders on the TROT Exchange platform at their benchmark prices. He

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