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What is TROT Realty

What happens if the e-com platform ceases to exist?

Very unlikely We have entered into a long term maintenance contract with a globally reputed IT company to ensure its long term existence and functionality Even otherwise: Every TROT transaction will be evidenced by a TROT Transaction Confirmation Note It will be conclusive evidence of the transaction and will be binding on the developer and

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How secured is your e-com platform?

Maximum efforts have been taken to offer you a dependable TROT e-Trade Platform It will be our continuous efforts to maintain a hacking free, bug-free system with constant updates Regular system audit will be conducted and its report displayed on the web site of TROT Realty

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Can I depend on the project details provided by you?

TROT Realty has elaborate system to verify the project details Every project offering its TROT products is subject to Legal due diligence by top law firm/s Certification of the saleable built-up areas by a reputed Architect firm Verification and certification of availability of the required realty project approvals Project rating by a reputed accreted rating

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How transparent are your transactions?

TROT Realty operations are totally transparent Every computation and business rule is displayed with great details Any concerned parson can verify the computations and the information provided The system provides for dependable audit trail and no transaction can be deleted or edited by any user, including TROT Realty without track All transaction data and the

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Is TROT Realty an ‘Exchange’?

No TROT product is not a ‘security’ TROT e-Trade platform does not “assist” TROT product holders in concluding any trade It merely provide a platform to execute any TROT Transaction and functions as a record keeper for and on behalf of the developers It is not in any way assist in execution as a party

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Is TROT Realty a ‘settlement corporation’?

No It does not function as a ‘Clearance House’ for settlement of claims between different parties Any registered customer can buy or sale TROT products directly and no agent or broker is involved in the transaction It is simply a trade transaction between two parties TROT Realty has worked out a tie-up with a reputed

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